Pinball HD: Classic Arcade, Zen + Space Games Відгуки



Nice game but....

They do a nice job with the play action and graphics but support is horrible. Don’t expect any help if you have issues. I have sent several emails concerning issues without a single response.




Love this game!

You have to buy each table

The game already costs $2 and that’s only for one table. If you want to play the rest you have to first download them and then buy. Also it has ads, I didn’t expect a game that I had to pay for to have any ads.

If you don’t play daily, these tables will rust

Nice that it annoys me with these notifications, but what would be nicer would be full-screen iPhone X support, and even nicer than that would to get a response to email feedback sent over a month ago. I honestly would've bought the entire library by now if they could show any interest in their customers.

No sound effects

Great game - classic arcade in a modern form. There's a lot of variety in this app - many engaging tables are available. It makes a great diversion. Installed on a newer iPad, and in game voices suddenly not heard

Horrible Pinball

Lousy designs.

Needs iPhone X screen support

iPhone X support

Fun game

Fun, colorful

Pinball HD

The game play is great on all tables. Support on the other hand is non existent. I bought a new iPad and 3 of my purchased tables disappeared. 6 of my purchased tables want me to purchase them again. I sent multiple emails to the company asking for help in restoring my purchased tables. The company has so far ignored me. For the lack of support I give the game one star and if I could I would give them ZERO stars,

Great fun


Great Pinball Game

Excellent graphics and great playability. Might be the best virtual pinball machines I've ever played!




Great game and way to past the time

So addictive.... in an awesome way

Hours of entertainment!

Realistic pinball

Great game for pinball fans.

I love it

Time consumer. Fun

This game is an absolute riot!!!

That's it.


Excellent action. Plays very realistic. Occasional lock ups on long games preventing Nguyen 5 star rating, but over all good game!


Best I've played on the iPad!



Lot of Fun

Very addicting. Very real. Really enjoy playing.




Very good!


Love pinball! Love this app!


Great game. I like the assortments of tables.

Wonderful Pinball

This game translates the experience of pinball to my iPhone 7+ superbly. The flying camera option is awesome (but can be turned off of you dislike it)! Each pinball machine is unique (not just different skins on the same layout over and over). They all have their own sounds, layouts, mechanics, and rewards. Very impressive, especially considering how many machines there are. Most notably, you can purchase some or all of the pinball machines to get rid of ads and then play forever, uninhibited. It is NOT a game that keeps sapping you for money like all of the "free" crap that's out there now. Pay for what you want and then play forever!

Great app

Fun to play. Love it.


Best tables. Great variety.

Great for entertainment while waiting

Lots of realistic ball physics and GREAT tables. Puts the other pinball games to shame. Hooray the bugs in Red Planet are being eradicated at last!! As engaging as the real deal - even on the iPhone SE. Makes you almost look forward to times you have to wait!


Almost like real pinball without the tilts.

Pinball HD is the best

The most realistic pinball app out there. AC/DC is unbelievable with their music and sound effects!

Just plain great !

Great realism and fantastic graphics. Buy it if you're a pinball nut like me.


Great fun!

Me kid game

I love to play pinball when I was a kid. I don't think they make them anymore. This is the next best thing!

Just like standing at a table!

I love pinball! This is the next best thing to standing at a table. The sounds, the action and the excitement is all there.


Great game, vert entertaining. Love the flipper action.

Great fun

Great game


This truly entertains me ! Awesome!

Awesome game!

This game is a blast. Graphics are gorgeous, very smooth gameplay.

Great pinball!!

Seems a little bewildering at first. Graphics are awesome and real life.


Awesome pinball game

Great Game!

Great game. Very realistic.

God help me!

I'm totally addicted!


Good time killer

Popups make it untestable

It used to be great fun, but now every time I want to try out a new table I cannot even get five seconds of play before a box comes up to "get it now or miss out". Well, if I cannot try it I will not buy it. Bad sales choice.

Monica Lynn Hogle

Love so much. Thank you for everything. And for everything you do for us. Have a nice day. Love all of the Pinball Games even though they do not seem like games to me. Have a Nice Week. I play Halloween the most love that one. Thank You again for everything. Still love everything. Have a nice day.hi


Enjoying the games!

Very Fun!

Great game. Love all the different tables available!

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