Pinball HD: Classic Arcade, Zen + Space Games App Reviews

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Très bon!




Mortellllll !

jaime beaucoup

Going slightly addicted ....

Good game

Fun n easy, well tuned. A million thanks. Simply the best...bravo

Inzemood loves it

I play this game since 2009 i love it

Énorme !!!!

The best


Michto extra balle

The best with the AC-DC version

All good !

Pinball hd




Very Nice

Good game!


Perfect pinball... Vicious! Just as good as any "old days" pinball. Incredible simulation.


Awesome app!!!



Amazing Pinball

Its Awsome play this Game!!!

The best

Do capiroto

Best pinball

Simple amazing


Das ist echt ein Super Flipper. Best Flipper of the World.

unfair and boring pinball playfields

Without any doubt the play fields are beautiful. However the game balance is uneven and even unfair. In some situations the ball is magically rolling directly towards the void between the two flippers/paddles at any circumstances. You have absolutely zero chances that it misses the gape and you loose it. Example: the Halloween playfield (in app purchase) - if you shoot the ball up towards the Ramps and dont have enough momentum to push it through, it rolls back down and you loose it by 100% chance! This happened so often that I started to dislike the game badly. I played a lot on real pinball machines and this never happens in reality. Also the game depth/possibilities you have on the play fields is pretty boring. You can shoot a few triggers here, build up some effects and points there by shooting the same ramp or hole for 4 times but thats it. Can Absolutely not compare this with a real pinball machine like "Adams Family" or the legendary "Indiana Jones" or "Star Trek - Next Generation" or "Terminator 2" Pinball machines which offer you a very intense and broad game experience. Sad to see that this thing didnt bring the joy I expected. It appeared to be fun first but soon disappointed me too much.

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